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Becoming - Michelle Obama

This was a really great read! I found myself telling people about it while I was reading it and I really don’t do that all too often. 

The way it is written with warmth and humor and genuiness in a matter-of-fact manner makes one appreciate the written word and the art of story telling even more. 

Michelle Obama does it well by writing in everyday plain language and dropping less used vocabulary words between paragraphs. I like that about the book. It’s like Yanamean? And...do you know what I mean? Well maybe not all that but she’ll say something like, with the new educational programs, we hoped to bring about the amelioration of many Chicago neighborhoods (not quoted because not said in book). And I’d be like wait what, what were you all ameliorating, which in turn helped me to learn, which is pretty cool! 

Still, the book wasn’t an absolute page-turner as the stories sometimes dragged on and on. But it was interesting enough to make me want to know what happened next so overall I liked it.

I like that Michelle Obama talks about her own struggles without being all woe is me. I like that she continuously points out that a big reason for her successes is due to concerted cultivation. (I think it’ll help those who don’t understand why some make it and others don’t, come to a better understanding of why and how). I like that she tells us her story without putting all her business on front street. I like that she seems real and true. And lastly, and mostly, I like that as little as it happens after reading a book, I actually feel galvanized on so many levels. ;)